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In this section you will find information and guidance developed by the Health & Safety Authority which may be applicable for your business. We have included the most relevant documentation that will help you expand your knowledge in these areas. Further information and guidance is also available to download at our publications section on the Health & Safety Authority webpage. 


NOTE: Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Deer, Tillage or Mixed farming business types are not included in BeSMART.ie. If you have one of these farms you should visit the Health & Safety Authority Agriculture webpage or go to the farm safely online tool at www.farmsafely.com to prepare your risk assessments as part of the HSA Agricultural Code of Practice for 3 or less employees. 




See also 'Top Tips & Videos' for more information on Electricity, Manual Handling, Slips/Trips/Falls, Chemicals, Working at Height, Workplace Transport, Display Screen Equipment and Maintenance


Bale Handling

download pdf Working Safely With Bales on the Farm Information Sheet (PDF, 514KB)


Bullying in the Workplace 

download pdf Code of Practice on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work (PDF, 1009KB)


Children, Young Persons & Pregnant Employees 

download pdf Guidance on the Protection of Children and Young Persons (PDF, 488KB)

download pdf Code of Practice on Preventing Accidents to Children and Young Persons in Agriculture (PDF, 1.26MB)

download pdf Child Safety On the Farm Information Sheet (PDF, 124KB)

download pdf Guidance on Pregnancy at Work (PDF, 473KB)



download pdf Practical advice on managing Chemicals (PDF, 538KB)

download pdf Your Steps to Chemical Safety (PDF, 1973 KB)

download pdf Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Hazardous Chemicals Information Sheet (PDF, 252KB)

download pdf Chemical Distributors Duties REACH and CLP Information Sheet (PDF, 296KB)

download pdf Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Warehouses and Drum Stores (PDF, 238KB)

download pdf A Guide to Non-Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment PPE for use with Chemical Agents in the Workplace (PDF, 1.21MB)

download pdf Use Chemicals Safely on the Farm (PDF 2268KB)  

confined space

Confined Spaces

download pdf Code of Practice for Working in Confined Spaces (PDF, 1655KB)


Display Screen Equipment

download pdf Practical advice on managing Display Screen Equipment (PDF, 525KB)



download pdf Guidelines for Working Safe Near Overhead Lines in Agriculture (PDF 2,200KB)

download pdf Practical advice on managing Electricity (PDF, 752KB)

download pdf Guidance Note on Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations (PDF 1179KB)



download pdf Ergonomics - Good Practice in the Irish Workplace (PDF, 2351KB)

download pdf Practical advice on managing Manual Handling (PDF, 664KB)

download pdf Ergonomics - Good Practice in the Irish Workplace (PDF, 2351KB)

 Link to Manual Handling Case Study Videos 1-9 and Case Study videos 10-17 on HSA website

first aid

First Aid

download pdf Guidelines on First Aid at Places of Work (PDF, 490KB)

Link to Frequently Asked Questions on HSA website

fumes dust inhalation

Fumes, Dusts and Ventilation

download pdf Guidelines on Occupational Asthma (PDF, 313KB)

download pdf Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Guidance (PDF, 5.79MB)

download pdf Safe Working with Diesel Engine Exhaust (PDF, 300KB) 



download pdf Safety for Seasonal Workers in Horticulture (PDF, 4MB)

download pdfThe Essential Health & Safety Guide for Horticulture in English (PDF, 809KB), Latvian(PDF, 3413KB), Lithuanian (PDF, 3188KB), Polish (PDF, 3418KB) and Russian (PDF, 3711KB)



download pdf Practical advice on managing Maintenance (PDF, 499KB)



download pdf Guidance on the Purchase of New Machinery Information Sheet (181KB)

download pdf Guidelines on the Safety of Powered Gates (PDF 1.2MB)

download pdf Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) Guidance on Safe Operating Procedures (PDF, 1MB)

asbestos sheeting

Management of Asbestos-Containing Materials

download pdf Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in Workplaces - Practical Guidelines on ACM Management and Abatement (2400KB) 

Night & Shift Work

download pdf Guidance on Night and Shift Work (PDF, 2056KB)

Safety Management

download pdfA Guide to Risk Assessments and Safety Statements (PDF, 4.1MB)

Safety Signs

download pdfSafety Signs at a Place of Work Guide (PDF, 2141KB)

Slips, Trips and Falls

download pdf Preventing Slips Trips and Falls at work (PDF, 0.4MB)

download pdf Watch Your Step - Choosing Slip Resistant Footwear (PDF, 0.4MB)

download pdf Practical advice on managing Slips, Trips and Falls (PDF, 538KB)

Slurry Handling

download pdf Free short online course on planning and preparing for slurry spreading (hsalearning.ie)

download pdf Farm Safe DVD Video - Slurry (4 Minute 15 Second video)

download pdf Agitation Warning Sign (PDF 195.5KB)  


download pdf Health and Safety for Swine Workers Information Sheet (PDF, 353KB)

Timber and Chainsaws

download pdf Chainsaw Safety Training Advice Information Sheet (PDF 347KB) 

download pdf Using Petrol-Driven Chainsaws IFS Guide (PDF, 1681MB)


download pdf Practical advice on managing Workplace Transport (PDF, 886KB)

download pdf Essential Tractor Safety Checks Sheet (PDF, 292KB)

download pdf Load Security Information Sheet (PDF, 319KB)

download pdf Safe Driving for Work (PDF, 13.7MB)

download pdf Driving for Work Employer's Guidelines CD rom/Videos

download pdf Pedestrian Safety in the workplace Information Sheet (PDF,531KB)

download pdf Workplace Transport Safety Reversing Vehicles (PDF, 60KB)

download pdf Delivering Safely Information Sheet (PDF, 377KB)

download pdf Car Daily Checks Information Sheet (PDF, 830.7 KB)

download pdf Vehicle Safety Check Car Poster (PDF, 175 KB)

download pdf Vehicle Safety Check Van Poster (PDF, 2232 KB)

download pdf Safe Driving for Work Drivers Handbook (PDF, 2MB)

download pdf Safe Use of All Terrain Vehicles in Agriculture and Forestry Information Sheet (PDF, 409KB)

download pdf Guidance on the Safe Use of Tractors and Farm Machinery on Farms (PFD, 4821KB). Appendix 10 has summary information on revised standards for agricultural vehicles on the road

download pdf Safe Load Securing of Plant and Machinery (PDF 1.3MB) New Apr 16


download pdf Health & Safety of Vets Visiting Farms (PDF, 788KB)

Working at Height

download pdf Practical advice on managing Work at Height (PDF, 740KB)

​​​​​​​download pdf Working at Height in Agriculture (PDF, 529KB)

forms and templates

Forms and Templates


Note: Downloading in Rich Text Format (RTF) means you can edit the document



Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Reporting

Form IR1 - Notification of Accident

  • Form IR1 - Accidents can be reported to the Health and Safety Authority in two ways, namely by hard copy, i.e. completing the Incident Report Form (IR1) and posting it to the Workplace Contact Unit, Health and Safety Authority, The Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1. Forms can be obtained by contacting the HSA at 1890 289389.
  • Or you can report accidents online, via the Health and Safety Authority's website, IR1 Online

Form IR3 - Form of Notification of a Dangerous Occurence

  • X-20120405163729832 Form IR3 - Form of Notification of a Dangerous Occurence (PDF 98KB)

Internal Accident / Incident Investigation Form

  • Picture1 Internal Accident / Incident Investigation Form (RTF 320KB)

Guidance on Reporting of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

  • X-20120405163729832 Guidance on the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Reporting of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences) Regulations 2016 (PDF 1.2MB)





Positively supporting employee engagement and wellbeing

Work PositiveCI is a FREE State and stakeholder supported psychosocial risk management process that helps organisations identify ways to improve employee wellbeing.

Use Work PositiveCI to improve employee wellbeing

Work PositiveCI is a completely confidential psychosocial risk management process. It involves a ‘whole workforce’ approach which can be rolled out over a three to six month period and be re-used every few years.

Identify and measure psychosocial risk including critical incident exposure

Work PositiveCI assesses workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing and critical incident exposure in the workplace. If not properly managed these stressors can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing, increased sickness absence, presenteesim and lower productivity.

Receive actionable feedback

It provides easy-to-understand online reports, identifies risk areas and provides clear guidance on ways to improve employee wellbeing, enabling focused action to be taken. Work PositiveCI provides specific support and guidance in addressing critical incident exposure in the workplace.

Improve performance

Work PositiveCI can lead to high impact results, such as reducing sickness absence and turnover, and increasing employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Comply with current legislation

Work PositiveCI helps employers comply with health and safety legislation at a national and European level. Employers are obliged under the Irish Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to ensure safe places of work for all employees, which covers mental as well as physical health and safety.

Free and easy to use

There is no software to download. The surveys take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. You can log in to create surveys, access your response rates and view results 24/7, using any Wi-Fi enabled device. The surveys are completely FREE to use.


Work PositiveCI is completely confidential. The data is processed by an independent service provider in compliance with applicable Data Protection legislation.


Health and Safety Authority online courses for employers and employees

Welcome to the Health and Safety Authority's on-line small business courses. Whether you're an employer, an employee or starting your own business, these courses will give you a quick, free and invaluable guide to getting health and safety right from the outset.

 All you have to do is register, take the course whenever you wish and then download your certificate of completion when finished. You can also register a group of employees to take a course.